Amazon Interview | Set 91

I recently got interviewed with Amazon for SDE position for their Hyderabad office.

Round 1: (F2F)

  1. Discussion around current company and work I was doing there. Why Amazon?
  2. There is a robot standing at first cell of an M*N matrix. It can move only in two directions, right and down. In how many ways, it can reach to the last cell i.e. (M, N). Discuss all the approaches and then asked to code it.
  3. Remove the nodes in the binary tree for that the sum of all values from root to leaf is less than K.

Round 2: (F2F)

  1. Convert a Binary Search Tree to DLL in-place.
  2. Implement LRU policy.
  3. Find the First Non Repeating Character in a stream of characters. Use Constant Space and linear complexity in terms of character count.

Round 3: (F2F)

  1. Why do you want to leave your current organization?
  2. Current Project Discussion and your contribution in the project.
  3. Some Nice Behavioral questions.
  4. Given a magazine of thousands of pages. You have to construct a note out of it by cutting the words out of it. You can only cut whole word from magazine and you can’t add any words. Also, you can’t cut partial words or alphabets from it.

Round 4: (F2F)

  1. Given an array of size N= k*s. In this array, construct blocks of k size each (Number of such blocks will be s). Now find all combinations of these numbers such that difference among the k numbers in the block should not be greater than d. e.g. N=6, k=2, s=3 A={2,4,6,8} and d=2. So the answer should be 2 {{2,4},{6,8}},{{4,6},{6,8}}.
  2. Given a binary tree with usual left and right pointers and one additional pointer called adj. modify the tree in-place such that adj pointer should point to the right node in same level as current node or if it there is no node right to it, adjshould be NULL.

Round 5: (F2F)

  1. How many Binary Search trees can be constructed using sequence of N numbers? Write Code for it.
  2. How many cycles of length 3 can be constructed using edges of aundirected graph?

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