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Amazon Interview | Set 88

  • Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2019
Online Test:
Questions regarding processes in OS(how it is represented in memory like code segment, data segment, stack , heap), garbage collection , stack and heap , what happens when a URL is entered in browser and then proceeded to 2 programming questions
  1. Given a BST, transform it into sum tree where each node contains sum of all nodes greater than that node.
  2. Shuffle an array
(All arrangements were done by Amazon including travel, stay)


Onsite F2F 1:
Started with general introduction , asked about my work , know any design patterns and where you applied them in your project etc.


Again started with general introduction , work I do , then he gave a question about finding count of each occurrence of words in a document.
I gave hashing based solution (with working code), it lead to a great discussion on hashing , then he led me to give a solution with tries . As much time is not left he asked me to tell the approach only.


F2F3 (With Bar raiser):
Bar raiser will be from a different team.
He asked me a question to connect siblings at each levels of a binary tree , as i knew this question already. He wanted working code. After i gave the code he found a bug and i found one myself.After resolving the code he moved on to different question.
Next question is optimal implementation of 3 or more stacks in a single array.I gave some approached based on heuristics and with extra memory.He dint seem satisfied and then asked many questions about work i do and grilled me on many aspects.


F2F4(With Hiring Manager):
Asked me to design Automated Air traffic controller system . Gave me few requirements , made me identify classes and its members , and some high level code for identifying probable aircraft collisions.
He asked me about situations where i missed the deadlines and learnings from it , How do you build trust with Customer .
Then i asked him few questions like What specific qualities you look for in a potential candidate , How an SDE can contribute to Amazons claim to be most customer centric company and any concerns about my employment background (as i am working in manufacturing industry currently).
Interviews were held on friday , i got a call from HR lady on Tuesday following week.


Some tips:
  1. Practice lot of pen and paper code.
  2. Folks at amazon do not want pseudo code , they want working code with minimal syntactical errors.
  3. Online plus telephonic rounds are for screening only.Also , Don’t pass the time in telephonic rounds, they want to give at least two questions (easy though)
  4. McDowell’s book and recent 40 sets of amazon interview experiences will make you good to go.

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