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Amazon Interview | Set 85

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 19 Jun, 2019

1st Telephonic round

After few project and introduction related question.

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  1. Write a program to find an element in sorted and rotated array.
  2. Write a program to print all path whose sum is equal to a given number path must start from the root node and it may or may not end at the leaf.

2nd Telephonic round

After 3-4 days

Some c/c++ question what is malloc how does it work and memory layout and allocation related questions

  1. Write a program to find longest repeating substring In a given string running code were required covering all base cases.
  2. U have given 10 files and you have given a string suggest data structure which ll facilitate efficient search of string in the file if string appears more than ones in that case u have to print line number and file in which they appear.

After 15 days I got cal that I have cleared the telephonic round and my F-2-F interview is going to take place in Hyderabad

F-2-F round 1

After introduction and project related questions

  1. Write a program to print a tree in vertical order asked more than one approach to do this problem and modified problem many times.
  2. Write a program to convert a tree to doubly link list in post-order fashion only change of pointer are allowed that is left pointer can work as previous and right pointer s as next.

This interview went well J

F-2-F round 2(Bar raiser)

Few question related to OS what is deadlock, Race-condition, Semaphore and many more, few question Related to DBMS what is Normalization define all normal forms(I directly told him I don’t remember I read it in 5th semester )

  1. Why amazon??
  2. Why do u want to leave company XYZ.
  3. Your biggest challenge till the date.
  4. Many project related question.

Data structure

  1. U have given 10 files each having 1 million integer in sorted order, physical memory have size of 3 million suggest method to extract 1 million integer in sorted form efficiently.
  2. Write a program to convert a decimal number into binary your code should work on both big endian and small endian machine. U have given a variable which tell u whether machine is big endian or small endian

DBMS and few bar raiser question made this round average L

F-2-F round 3

  1. You have given an n-ary tree write a program to check whether this tree is sum tree or not.
  2. Given an array write a program to find kth smallest element in the array. He was hardly interested in the solution he just want to know how many ways u can solve it solved using 5-6 method at the end he was satisfied with the answers.

F-2-F round 4

Longest one….this interview went on for 1 hour and 30 minutes but was interesting one(interviewer looked lyk a frustrated guy…some tyms I felt that he is going to punch me 😛 :P)

  1. You have given M array each of size n all array are sorted separately write a program to make a big sorted array of size m*n . during discussion he told me to prove many lemma like height of tree is log(n)( for n elements) sum of n natural number is (n*n+1)/2 and many more. He modified problem many times don’t use extra space do it in space etc. discussion went on for almost 1 hour but at the end he was happy with the solutions(I suggested 2 method and further optimization in them.
  2. U have given an binary matrix which is sorted row wise and column wise write a program to search a row in the matrix having maximum number of zeroes.

Finally this interview also went well he was happy with my performance

After 2-3 days I got mail from the HR that I m rejected LL reason was bar raiser … 1 advise to all don’t take BR round lightly it does not matter how well u performed in other round if u didn’t do well in BR round then there is no way u can make it. An average round tech interview is fine but average BR round means rejected.

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