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Amazon Interview | Set 74
  • Last Updated : 19 Jun, 2019

Phone Interview:
1) Given a 2D matrix where every row is sorted, give the index of row which has maximum number of one’s
2) Given a Binary tree, print its every level in a new line.

Face to Face Interview (Round 1):
1) you have an array which has a set of positive and negative numbers, print all the subset sum which is equal to 0.

eg 2, 1, -1, 0, 2, -1, -1
o/p: 1, -1
         1, -1, 0
         2, -1, -1

2) How do you check whether a binary tree is a binary search tree.

Face to Face Interview (Round 2):
1) you have a billion numbers how do get kth top elements
2) given a number n, print all pairs of valid parenthesis

eg: n=2 -> (()), ()()
       n=3 -> ()()(), (())(),()(()), ((())) 

I did not clear after this round, I hope this helps others.

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