Amazon Interview | Set 67 (For SDE-1)

1) Round 1 telephone interview – implement division without using division operator in log(n) time.
solution: use bitwise shifting

2) Round 2 telephone interview – write a program to buy and sell stocks to maximize profit, can only do 1 action per day i.e. buy or sell.
solution: I used 2 pointers to keep track of best buy and sell rates. I implemented it in O(n) time. He was happy with the solution.

After a few days I got a call from the recruiter saying the team was very happy with my interviews and wanted to meet with me in person.

I had to actually reschedule my on-site interview as I couldn’t locate the office since it was not locatable on Google maps!!

I got in the office in Toronto. I was given a visitor pass and escorted to a meeting area where the interviews took place.

3) F2F(HR round)
This was easy, the interviewer asked basic questions about my background and what made me choose computer science. I talked about my favorite project and she answered some my questions.

4) F2F(Director) he wanted me to do BFS search. Given a level, child index return the child node for a binary tree. I gave him a inorder search instead, he was okay with the solution.

5) F2F(SDE) this is when things started to get tough. He wanted me to design a library reservation system. He wanted me to explain him a design and draw some diagrams and then implement the classes.
We didn’t have enough time to do all of it. He wanted to know what data structure I would use to perform searches for books. I choose LinkedHashMap because it allows O(1) lookup and O(1) insertion.

6) F2F(SDE) He wanted me to build a boggle game. This is where I got a little mixed up with some java and C# syntax and he was not too impressed. I tried to write the algorithm using 2 for loops and he gave me some hints as to how to implement it.

7) F2F(SDE) Given a list of words, find anagrams. This was easy enough to implement. He asked runtime in the end.

The interviewers communicated with you all the time, its not like you go in an exam and quietly write what you have memorized. There is lots of pressure and lots of explaining to do as you write the code.
All in all it was a great experience. The guys were cool and fun to interview with.

Geeksforgeeks was a tremendous help towards the interview.

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