Amazon Interview | Set 54 (On Campus for SDE)

Hi All, I got the following question for the On-Campus placement process. Hopefully it’ll help you too.

Screening Test

Q1. Left View of a tree

Q2. Add three numbers represented as linked lists
n1: 1->2->3
n2: 4->5
n3: 6->7->8->9
sum: 6->9->5->7

Round 1 (F2F Interview)

Connect same level nodes without level order traversal. (Code)

Given an array where all numbers but one occurs in pairs, suggest all ways to find the unique number. What if the array was sorted? (Code)

Round 2 (F2F Interview)

Print cousins of a given node (Not sibling)

Given a 20 GB file and 2GB RAM, how to parse it and detect where to break it, concepts of memory management

Implement 3 stacks in array, all approaches and code

Deepest left leaf of a binary tree

Round 3 (F2F Interview)

Longest path in a tree with just one bend. May or may not start with from the root. (Complete code)

Code for deadlock and how to resolve.

OOPS concepts, polymorphism

Round 4 (Telephonic Interview)

Check if a tree is a subtree of another. (Code)

Convert a given number to Roman numbers.

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