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Amazon Interview | Set 47 (Off-campus for SDE-1)

  • Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2019

Round 1: Written
20 MCQs and 2 coding questions
(1) Mirror a tree.

(2) Find if an array has pair of elements with sum k.

Round 2: Telephonic Interview
(1) Given a number, find the next minimal greater number with same number of set bits(Approach+code)

(2) Given a linked list with next and arbit pointer. Clone the list(Approach + code)

(3) AVL Tree(Approach)

Round 3: Telephonic Interview
(1) Given a number which denotes number of pair of parenthesis(only one type of parenthesis). Print all the valid permutation of those parenthesis(Approach + code).

(2) Connecting all nodes at the same in Binary Tree(Approach + code )

Round 4: F2F(manager)
Discussion on all projects I have done.

(1) Convert BT to DLL(Approach + code)

(2) How to find if nodes in LL are odd or even(Approach )

(3) How to detect loop in LL(Approach)

(4) Segment Tree(Approach + code)

Round 5: F2F(Two interviewers)
This one was bar raiser I guess

(1) Convert a BST in such a way that every node contain sum of it and every greater element than it (Approach + code)

(2) Garbage collector(Approach)

(3) Finding median in array(Approach)

(4) Finding k closest elements to an element in an array(Approach)

(5) Deleting a node from LL provided the tail nodes points to mid element. After deletion property should be maintained(Approach)

Round 6: F2F(Senior guy)
A long discussion on projects.

(1) Circular Buffer array problem(Approach + code)

(2)BT is BST or not(Approach + code)

Round 7: F2F (Two interviewers)

(1) Given coins of 1,2 and 5 and given a number N. Find in how many ways you can make the change(Approach + code)

(2) Swapping alternate nodes in LL(Approach + code)

(3) Swapping k nodes in LL(Approach)

Round 8: F2F(Again with manager)
Discussion on projects. Every positive , negative point he discussed on each projects

Now All HR type questions

(1) How will you handle conflict with teammate.

(2) How will you handle conflict with manager.

(3) Your teammate is not sharing required information with you. What will you do?

(4) If you are given 10 requirements and you don’t have to fulfill each and every requirement what will you do?

(5) Given some languages which one you prefer and why?

(6) Given some tasks with one you prefer?

(7) If you are about to meet deadline and one of your teammates need some help.Would you cross deadline to help him?

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