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Amazon Interview | Set 4
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2019

Please find the details of my Amazon interviews below.

Date of Interviews: 1 Sept 2012

No of Rounds: 4

Type of Interviews: Walk-in for 1 yr experienced

Round 1:

Question 1:- Given a 2D array containing only 0/1’s and each row is in sorted order. Find the row which contains maximum number of 1s.
I was asked to code. Algo which I told was I will search position of first 1 in 1st row using binary search. And mark it. Now note that position check in 2nd row. If there is 1 for that position already found in 1st row, then binary search from 0 to that position else move to row number 3. Similarly continue further.

Round 2:-

Question 1:- Given a Binary tree and two nodes. Need to find the minimum ancestor, no parent nodes given.
Each time when I told answer, they modified question little bit or removed some extra storage which I was taking.

Question 2:- Given a Binary tree and two nodes. Need to find smallest path between them

Round 3:-

Question 1:- Given an array of infinite size containing 0/1 only and in sorted order, find position of first one.

My answer: first check whether 1 is present at 100th position or not if there, do binary search between 0 and 100 else check 1 is there at 200th position, and similarly continue further.

Question 2:- Given life time of different elephants find period when maximum number of elephants lived. ex [5, 10], [6, 15], [2, 7] etc. year in which max no elephants exists.

Other questions were regarding Operating system like virtual memory etc.

Round 4:-
It was HR round. Questions related to project. Questions like why I should Hire you etc were asked.

Result is still on wait.

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