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Amazon Interview | Set 29
  • Last Updated : 14 Jun, 2019

I am very much excited for sharing my experience for Amazon, I went through 6 rounds and really enjoyed a lot for facing all of them and i feels like in each round that GEEKSFORGEEKS is the one the best site which gave me lot of ideas for solving the problems, This is THE BEST site for coding for getting good questions and also for improving our skills and creating our base SOLID.

1st round >> ONLINE test

1) Convert a BST to Double Linked List

2) Count the number words + spaces + special chars in a given string

3) Print kth Lasgest node of the given tree.
4) Write the complete code for rotating the given matrix.
Solved three successfully with all cases but for one some cases was missing because of network issue i was facing time problem.

2nd round >> Telephonic

1) Level order traversal (Both approach recursion && Queue)

2) In O(1) – getMin, getMax, getTop,push,pop

3) Find the least positive missing number in an array.
4) Print all permutations of the given string
For all I need to write the code, and I was feeling like I was doing fast and being on expectations of the interviewer, he was so happy with me.

3rd Round >> FACE TO FACE (It was nice, it went thru 1hr)

1) Write a code for inverting the values of BST and return the new tree’s root

(In place i have to do this, first i have given solu. with O(n) space with O(n) complexity )

2) Finding the element in O(m+n), in a sorted matrix which is sorted in row as well as in column.

(I said i know this, so i just told the approach and we skip that !!)

3) Project questions, infact in all rounds it was there!!

4) Rope Puzzle :: 2 ropes are there and u need to find the 45 mins(Very generic Google Puzzle)

4th Round >> FACE TO FACE (It was Amazing, it went thru 1hr 30 mins)

1) Find a median in running stream of numbers.

2) Find a k best or max values in the running stream of numbers.

3) Project Questions!! I Love that!!

4) State machine questions !! Gaming Questions (Bcoz m a game developer)

Questions on garbage Collection, Virtual machine (Bcoz i did project on it)

Anyway i love all those part.

5) One very nice question, i need to calculate the area for rain drop which will be holded for bar graph(Its basically a very real world problem, i love to do that, even i did mistakes but they guys are really awesome they helped me out to get rid of my problems)

5th Round >> FACE TO FACE (It was Damm Amazing, it went thru 1hr 15 mins)

1) I need to write recursion function for a robot which has to move from one location to other location in a grid.

In recursion i took time to write the base cases, but finally with some hints i was able to make it.

2) I need to code for k-heavy path approach and also need to write its recursion.

There also i was continue taking to the interviewer and clearing my doubts and using the hints given by him. Finally i was able to code it and do the recursion also.

Every time i need to write the recursion in mathematical form and calculate the Complexity also like we have to do normally for detecting the complexity.

I love the mathematical part and coding, its in my blood!!

3) Project Question !! Scalable problems !! Dealing with N dimension study and mathematical problems, even covering my whole resume.

Finally he was very happy and said to me that you need to think proper then code or design, rest is awesome !!

6th Round >> FACE TO FACE (It was with the Hiring Manager,i guess, it went thru 45mins)

1) He asked me about my whole projects and lots of about my resume and my challenges faced till now, it was good to explain all those.

2) He asked me to design an approach which will search all the valid combinations of a given string.

I have given some approaches like implementing TRIE, and explained the pros and cons for it and also the complexity of it.

Then i modified it and explained the Other approach which is better than the above by using HASH MAP and INDEXING with buckets if valid words.

We had lots of discussion on it. and Finally he said we are looking for guys like you.

Finally i have the offer Letter From Amazon and He asked me for Coffee Or Cold Drink. I Have taken Coffee.


Finally a Gold Medalist 2yr Exp. guy who is doing a very nominal job, got a Right place to work which is AMAZON !!

Heartly Thanks To GeeksForGeeks Community And Their Coding Stuff Which is available in Site !!


This article is compiled by Pushpendra Mishra. Many Many congratulations to Pushpendra. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.

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