Amazon Interview | Set 17

Online Written round :
5 programming questions. You have to answer within 2 hours.
1. Swap two nodes in a linked list
2. Find kth smallest element in a binary search tree
3. Longest increasing subsequence in an array
4. One DP program

Face to face interviews:

1st round :
1. Find whether given tree is BST or not
2. Boundary traversal of a tree
3. Print the border nodes of the tree

2nd round:
1. There are n number of points in a two-dimensional plane. Find two nearest points
2. There are n number of points in a two-dimensional plane. Given a point find k nearest points to it.

3rd round:
1. Given a matrix with random numbers in it, If a location has 1, make all the elements of that row and column as 1
2. Given a matrix, find whether you can form the given number in

4th round:
1. Write a program to list all the possible words from the given set of data in the same order. (eg: given word: nokiamobile O/P: nokia mobile: given word: samsung O/P: 1. SAMSUNG 2.SAM SUNG(considering sam as a word) )
2. Given two trees, find whether they are from same set of dataset or not.
3. Thread pool implementation.

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