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Amazon Interview | Set 14

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2019

Team : Transportation
Location :Hyderabad

Round 1 (Online Test)
Q1. Find the kth largest value in a BST

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Q2. Swap the alternate nodes in a singly linked list( not the data);

Q3. Minimum no of coins required to get the given sum. Coins are given in a sorted array.

Q4. A file contains data as follows( Student name, marks in 3 subjects)

Shrikanth 20 50 60

Kiran 30 80 90

Find the student who has maximum average score

Q5. Find out given two trees are isomorphic or not

Round 2 (Telephonic Round)

Q1.  Print the level order of binary tree such that each level should print in a different line

Q2. Push() and Pop() methods of stack are given. Write a function to get the minimum of stack in O(1) time

Project related questions

Round 3 (F2F with Dev Manager)

Q1. Connect nodes at same level in a binary tree( may not be a complete binary tree) without using recursion

Q2. Sort the linked list which contains only 1,2,3 numbers in a single pass

Round 4 (F2F with developers)

Q1. Design a snake and ladder game

Q2. Given a linked list contains even and odd numbers. separate the list into two lists contains odd/even numbers.

Q3. Given a 2D matrix which contains 0’s and 1’s. Given two points of matrix whose value is 1. Find the path(with only 1’s) between the given points

Round 5 (F2F with Senior Manager)

Project related questions

Challenging tasks done so far

Q1. Given a large file which contains m rows and n columns. Given a column no, sort the column in such a way that corresponding rows also sorted

Round 6 (F2F with Developers)

Q1. Print all pairs(sets) of prime numbers (p,q) such that p*q <= n, where n is given number

Q2. Given a binary tree, if parent is 0, then left child is 0 and right child is 1. if parent is 1, then left child is 1 and right child is 0. Root of the tree is 0. Find the kth node value which is present at Nth level

Q3. Longest monotonically increasing sequence in O(NlogN)

I couldn’t make it. Hope it helps someone else.


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