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Amazon Interview Experience(ACMS) | On-Campus

Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2019
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Amazon came to our campus for ACMS in December.The test conducted consisted of 20 Computer Science MCQs from DSA, DBMS, Networks, OS and a bit of Computer Architecture.I was one of the 20 people selected.We started from January and worked with them for a project and were called for 4 sessions to the Amazon Office after which Amazon took a written test consisting of four sections:

1.Aptitude-Easy Questions
2.Some Basic English
3.Two coding questions
a)A problem based on Round Robin Scheduling
b)Problem based on two sum problem

with some language added to make it seem difficult also we had to take care of rounding off the answer and set the precision for 4 digits after the decimal point.
We had our project presentations after the test.The scores were finalized from the project and the test combined.Those who had scores good even were forwarded to interviews.

In the whiteboard interview round I was asked three questions-
1.To serialize and deserialize a binary tree-

2.Two sum problem again-

.I told them both of the approach using hashmaps and two pointers
3.Four sum problem-

I was asked to write the code and describe my approach while going through the code.

My interviewer was very friendly.They always want to look at how you approach the problem.Geeks for Geeks has an extensive section of questions.InterviewBit can be handy to look at the time you are taking to solve the problem.LeetCode has many test cases that help you look at all the possible problems your code might have.LeetCode Mock tests come handy as well.However Geeks for Geeks community can always be helpful to solve and understand all possible approaches to the problems.

Hope My post helped
All the best 😀

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