Amazon Interview Experience(2 years Experienced)

I recently got interviewed in Amazon Chennai for SDE1.

Round1: Was a written round that contains 3 programming question. (Need to write an optimized code).

Round2: Was a F2F interview.

Round3: Was a F2F interview.

Round4: This is a bar raiser round.

  • A brief discussion of my current role.
  • Given a graph write a function to find if it a tree or not. (Also asked few more graph-related algorithms)
  • Few puzzle questions.

Round5: F2F interview.

  • Given a lot of strings write a function to find words which are mutually inclusive in most of the strings.
  • Then asked a few more question related to the above question.
  • Convert a float to a string without using any inbuilt functions.
  • Few puzzle questions.  And discussion of Projects.

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