Amazon Interview Experience | Set 435 (For SDE-2)

This interview was for Alexa team in Bangalore. They were on a recruitment drive in Delhi.

Round 1: Written

This was a written round on paper. There were 9 questions in total (5 single choice + 4 subjective)

5 single choice questions were on Collections framework and Multi-threading in Java. These were pretty simple.

4 subjective questions are as follows:-

  1. How will you analyse Out of memory exceptions in your application?
  2. How will you analyse Deadlock in your application?
  3. Write a custom unchecked exception.
  4. Write a program that will cause StackOverflowException.

Round 2: Face to Face (DS Algo)

  1. Largest Sum Contiguous Subarray
  2. Given a list of transaction between friends who have to give or take some amount of money from one another. Now, they have to settle up with minimum number of transactions. Also, you have return a list of all the transactions.                                                                                                                                            For example – If B owes A Rs. 200 : B->A = 200.                                                                                                        Similarly, if C owes B Rs. 200 : C->B= 200.                                                                                                        So the minimum number of transactions is 1 and that should be : C->A = Rs. 200

Round 3:Face to Face (Hiring Manager)

  1.  He started with some behavioural questions.
  2. Design question: There is a passport office with 3 desks (Desk A, Desk B, Desk C) and 1 token machine. A person comes in and takes token from the token machine. He has to visit every desk in sequence whenever his token number is displayed on the particular desk. He just asked me to write the classes for the same.

Round 4: Face to Face (Design round)

Design a online chess game. HLD and LLD was required.

It supports 3 mode:

  1. Player vs. AI
  2. Player vs. player  (Offline)
  3. Player vs, player (Online)

Unfortunately, I  was unable to clear this round.

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