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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 433 (SDE 2 for Experienced)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2019

Round 1

  1. What is caching and how it is used. Types of cache eviction policies. Any cache you might have used for your project. Explain.
  2. Implement LRU cache.
    We first had discussion over different ways for implementation and then wrote the code using circular dll and map.
  3. Any tradeoffs you have made in your past in any of your projects. Explain

Round 2

  1. Design gaming platform. A number of games can be hosted on this platform. User can login and select a particular game. Discussed both HLD and LLD.

Round 3

  1. Discussed on last mile delivery challenge in case of peak seasons. LLD for third party delivery vendor for registration and notification system .
  2. Any good practice that you have introduced in your team.

Round 4

  1. Search an element in a sorted rotated array in a single pass.
  2. Extension of rat in a maze problem. Maximum cheese the rat can eat in a maze.
  3. Discussed in detail project from all my previous company.

Round 5

  1. Discussed the current project in detail.
    Asked to redesign the current project to make it more scalable.
  2. Redesigned the database of current project.
  3. Design Swiggy.
  4. Discussion on a previous project where i used spark and discussion on alternatives i consider before using spark to solve that problem.

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