Amazon Interview Experience | Set 429 (For SDE 2)

Round 1: Telephonic Round 

  1. There is a university with certain sets of courses. You can take a course in any semester but you need to finish its prereq course (if prereq is given for a course) before that. Design the whole university structure and suggest the Algo. He then changed the question bit, if you can take up a course and its pre req in the same semester how will your code change. Topological sort


Round 2: Face to Face interview 

  1.  Convert a roman number into an integer number. He provided me with a set of rules.
  2.  Explain your Project
  3.  Most challenging thing in your project.
  4.  Do you review code. what all code changes you have suggested till now.
  5.   Any big enhancement suggested by you to make your code better.

Round 3: Face to Face interview 

  1. Explain your project
  2. Few question related to my project  and some behavioral questions.
  3. A running stream of numbers is coming you need to keep track of top K elements

It was not a coding question only. He expected me to write a Heap interface and using that implement min heap or max heap. And also write the heapify code

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