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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 408 (Internship)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2019

Most importantly they look for
1. Problem solving skills i.e. algorithm
2. Coding skills
3. Knowledge of DS

Round 1:

The round 1 consisted of 20 MC Quizzes which are of GATE level and two coding questions.

As far as I remember the first coding question’s logic was to find GCD of an array of number which I solved using recursive approach.

I cleared the round 1.

Round 2:

It was a F2F round where 3 members were assigned to a particular member. They gave us 2 questions and write the pseudo code for them in 1 hour during which we also can interact with them.

I asked them where I had doubt and after I say logic to him he asked me that if I can optimize it, explain the code so on.

As I gave him all the optimisations he asked algorithmically , I was not able to write a clean code because of lack of time.

I selected as 8th candidate.

Round 3:

This was also a F2F round and it is one to one. Where his first question was that why did I not write any code in previous round and then asked ” Tell me about yourself”

Then he shooted me with coding questions. His first question was a popular question(which I came to know later) rainwater problem, and the next one was printing the nodes of a binary tree in zig Zag manner.

Then he asked me some questions from OS i.e. internal fragmentation vs external fragmentation to which I replied “I don’t remember the topic but please let me try” then I got correct answer to one question and wrong to second one. Then he asked about process life cycle.

Then he asked that if I have any questions and then he asked ” why Amazon?” That was it.

We were said to wait and luckily  I was selected.

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