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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 392 (For SDE 2)

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2019
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Telephonic Round:

  1. Question was a little tricky one but finally it was converted to Next greater Element Next larger element
  2. Given a Singly Linked list, Update the second half of the list such that n-th element becomes sum(1st + nth) element, (n-1)st element becomes sum(2nd + n-1st) element and so on.
    Eg: 2->3->4->5->6 => 2->3->(4+4)->(5+3)->(6+2)

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Face to Face Interview:
Round 1:

  1. Design the payment module of the Uber App.

Round 2:

  1. Design Memory Management System and tell about all the data structures you will use and why. How will you allocate and deallocate the memory using those data structure and Time & Space complexity of the operations.
  2. Given an array of words, print all anagrams together in the output array.
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Round 3:

  1. Discussion about the projects worked in previous company and how did you handle certain situation occurred while working on the project.

Round 4:

  1. You are provided with different Excel files and the data format those files contain. You are also provided with low level parser. You have to design a system which takes the excel file and its data type as the input and returns the list of Data objects in the file.

Round 5:

  1. Discussion about project in previous company.
  2. Design multiplayer generic board game (like chess or ludo)
  3. You are provided with 2D char array. You have to provide the 2D char array as response which contains the multiplication od the input array. For eg: input=> {{a,b},{c,d}}, output => {{a,c},{a,d},{b,c},{b,d}}

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