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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 362

Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2019
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1st round( written)
They asked to write 3 code in 1 hour.

  1. Write code to find the diameter of tree.
  2. Search an element in rotated sorted array in optimized way.
  3. Given an array of size n and an integer k, return the of count of distinct numbers in all windows of size k.

I have written all 3 code in 1 hour and i asked to wait for 2nd round. they provide food coupon for lunch and resume interview at 2 p.m.

2nd round only 2 questions he asked.

  1. Count minimum days to rotten orange.
    I have given this approach and write the code for it.. but there was some mistake in my code so he rectify it.
    They need proper code no pseudo is worked for them.
    He had given me 15 minutes to write the code.
  2. Merge K sorted arrays in optimized way.
    I know the solution , but could not implement at that time. Min heap is the solution.
    I have given the simple approach to put them in one large array and apply merge sort.
    one more solution I have given i will make binary search tree of all the elements and print the inorder of the tree ( i had written this proper working code )

This round went for about 1 hour. The concerned person told me HR will get back to you.
Geeksforgeeks very helpful for this experience. Do always share your interview experience it will help other geeks.
Geeksforgeeks has given me confidence to crack the interview.

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