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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 344 (For SDE-1)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2019
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Round 1: online Test (Hackerearth) 30mins

  1. Given a log file calculate the no of people who came on multiple days. A person can come on for multiple times in a day.

On Wednesday I got the call for the onsite round to be happening on Saturday.

Round 2 : Onsite round(1 hour)

    The interview started with my introduction, asked questions about my profile what was I doing(5 min discussion).

    After that she gave a programming question,

  1. There is voting happening in a college to select an amendment, total 16 professor and there are 4 groups each group consists of 4 prof and for an amendment to be selected it should be, first selected atleast by a single professor in each group and finally select the one which appears maximum times.
    I gave a solution and then we discussed my solution and asked me to optimise it further with o(1) memory and o(n) complexity.
  2. Then there were some behavioural questions about working in a team and problems I had faced with a new team.
  3. Diameter of a binary tree

Round 3: onsite(1 hour)
Started with my profile and me to explain my projects I had been doing in my current company

  1. Clone a linked list with next and random pointer
  2. Stock Buy and sell Problem

Round 4 : HM round onsite(1.5 hour)
He started with my profile and one by one we discussed all my projects in details asked me various questions about them followed by many behavioural questions.

  1. Print common nodes in two binary search trees

Asked me to write a full fledge code like u write in a project with comments and everything.

Round 5: another HM round (skype)(45 mins)
Started with my profile and detailed discussions about my current project, my role in that project, technologies I have used followed by various behavioural question.

  1. Implement a phone directory

Asked me write the three functions insert, search and suggestions.

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