Amazon Interview Experience | Set 343 (For SDE-1)

Round 1 : Written Round

  1. Given an array of number in sorted order count the pair of number whose sum is less than X.
  2. Given an range of number count the numbers which has same first and last digits.
    For e.g. start =7 and End =95 so the numbers are 7,8,9,11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88
  3. Suppose there are millions of number and you have to print max 20 elements.

Round 2 : Face to Face

  1. Suppose there are n bags containing different amount of chocolates and there is wizard and a kid.At every second a kid eat all the chocolates from bag containing maximum number of chocolates and wizard refills it with the half the chocolates it was containing.
    Find how many chocolates does the kid has eaten at t seconds.
  2. Reverse the word in the string
    for e.g. “My name is khan” to “Khan is name My”.
  3. Add two singly linked list.

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