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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 341 (Off-Campus for SDE-1)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2021
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I had applied to Amazon Hyderbad off campus for SDE-1 role. The first round a telephonic round. It was a technical round. The questions asked were.

First Round –

  1. Reverse words in a given string. I was also asked to handle whitespaces correctly.
  2. Add two numbers represented by linked list. I was asked to solve it without changing the linked list order.

Second round –

  1. It was an array question which I don’t remember exactly 😛
  2. Print all the nodes that are common for 2 given nodes in a binary tree.
    For this I first found the LCA and then printed all the ancestors of LCA.
  3. In this round I was also asked about heap, applications of BST etc.

Then I had a call where I got to know that I was selected. I was called to Hyderabad for Face to face rounds.

Third round –
The interviewer was very friendly and made me comfortable.

  1. Then he reads my resume very carefully and says its good. He then asked me to discuss any of my projects in detail.
  2. He also asked one coding question as follows

  3. Add 1 to number represented by linked list without using extra space (no recursion), without modifying the linked list and in O(n) time complexity.
  4. Interviewer was very friendly and discussed the problem deeply and helped me in reaching to the solution.
    He then asked me to write full production level code covering all corner cases.

Fourth round –
The interviewer was a manager. He asked me details about my work in current company.
Then he asked me coding question as follows

  1. Find smallest range containing elements from k lists
  2. How to find if words in a file are anagram.
    I suggest a Trie approach and he seemed to be satisfied and asked to me just to write how to implement trie data structure and its applications.
  3. He also asked me some questions like

  4. Why do I want to leave my company so early?
  5. Why amazon?

Fifth round –
It was purely coding round where 2 persons asked me 2 coding questions.

  1. First question was truly mathematics question which had equations and that need to be solved and finally it was reduced to finding max and 2nd max in an array.
  2. Union find problem. In above question I was asked details about disjoint datastructure and other questions to find the number of nodes etc.

Sixth round –
Interviewer was very friendly and asked me details about me and my work
He then asked me a coding question

  1. Minimum number of swaps required for arranging pairs adjacent to each other.
  2. It was a data structure question where I had to find the best data structure. There was a bank account which had information like TTL, amount and time of insertion. TTL is the time when the account gets expired.

I suggest a hashmap solution and then he had a deep discussion on the question.
He also asked me some theory questions like “what happens when I hit in the browser”, “How does garbage collection works in java” and some more questions on OS and unix.

For every coding question I was asked time and space complexity.

Thank you geeksforgeeks.

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