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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 340 (3.5 years experienced for SDE 1)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2019
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Recently I have gone through interview with Amazon Chennai for Amazon FIRE TV team. Here is my positive experience.

Round 1(written):
1. Run Length Encoding
2. Find k-th smallest element in BST (Order Statistics in BST)
3. Substrings with similar first and last characters

Round 2:
1. Level order traversal in spiral form
2. It’s a two player game. Both the players are equally intelligent to win the game. Give n no. of stones. A player can choose either 1 stone or k stones or l stone (1<k<l). Suppose player 'A' starts game then challenge was to identify the player who will win the game. Player who picks the last 1 stone or last k stone or last l stones win the game.

Round 3:
1. Inversion of array
2. Print matrix in diagonal pattern
3. Minimum Cost Path

Round 4 (Bar Raiser)
1. Detailed discussion on current company project.
2. Maximum Path Sum in a Binary Tree

Round 5 (Hiring Manager)
1. Design ATM machine.
2. Design a queue using only one stack.
3. Discussion on process & threads, Inter process communication, Lots of discussion on scheduling algorithm, their implementations, data structures used to implement scheduling algorithms, scheduling algorithms in real time distributed systems & implementation.
4. Lots of behavioral questions like why amazon, why you are leaving current company.

Finally got positive response from amazon with decent package.

Thanks GFG for this wonderful site.

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