Amazon Interview Experience | Set 339 (For SDE 2)

Round -1 (Written Round) Pen and Paper

  1. Level order Traversal in spiral form.
  2. Design deck of cards with joker (53 cards).
  3. 1 array question need to do in O(n).

Round -2 F2F

  1. About previous projects and role.
  2. In- place rotation of 2D Array by 90 degree clockwise.
  3. About Amazon- what are the different projects in amazon

Round-3 F2F

  1. Find sum of all elements in a matrix except the elements in row and/or column of given cell?
  2. Print top view of tree without hashing.

Round-4 F2F Design round

  1. If N-files are given containing sorted number list and files are adding at run time. design a program if 1 st time run then gives min number , 2nd time run give 2nd min number , 3rd time gives 3rd min number and so on
  2. write a program

Round-5 Design and Coding

  1. Design Book My show.
  2. 1 problem of their project which will be solved by using map and list.
  3. Your Role in previous company, design of your project, flaw in your design and improvements , your strength and improvement area

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