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Amazon Interview experience | Set 336

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2019

Round 1 – HackerEarth 2 questions (Online)

  1. Find the distance between 2 nodes in a BST(Binary Search Tree)
  2. Given a graph, find the Topological Sort.

Round 2 – Team Lead (F2F)

  1. system design to show the list of suggestion when a user is buying and item. Example: the user will buy a pencil and will see a list of other pencils, pens and erases.
  2. Behavioural questions,.

Round 3 – Senior or principal engineer(F2F)

    Almost same behavioural questions :

  1. Most challenging project
  2. tell me one time where you did something without everyone knowing because you thought you could make it better
  3. time you disagreed with your manager
  4. hardest bug.
  5. Given a log file containing {timestamp,begin/end,requestId} (the begin/end is a flag to identify when a request started and finished) define the peak of transaction running concurrently.

Round 4 – Manager (F2F)

  1. Lots of behavioural and prior project questions(almost the same again)
  2. Given an array, shuffle it(Sort it random).

Round 5 – Bar Raiser(F2F)

  1. Questions about decisions I made in prior project(lots of whys)
  2. Given a set o coordinates( double X and y) and an angle. Calculate the max of points that could fit inside the angle.
    Approach: calculate the angle for each point this way we can have a simple list of angles and then iterate through them to see if the difference is equal or lower to the given angle and then count the max points group

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