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Amazon Interview experience | Set 327 (Off-Campus for SDE-1)

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I was Invited to attend Interview at amazon Hyderabad for the position of SDE 1 and I had the following rounds.

Round 0 coding —

  1. Given an array find the maximum consecutive and non consecutive sum and print them.
  2. Given a matrix find the number of 1’s in the maximum island MAT[i][j] = {0,1}.

Round 1 Data Structure —

  1. Given a tree return the number of elements for the level with the maximum elements.
    PS : all null nodes between two non null nodes need to be counted and null nodes can have null children which also can be counted.
    eg– [null,2,1,null,null,3,null] in this level all nodes between 2 and 3 will be counted i.e. 5
  2. Asked about what data structures I knew and what data structure will I use to make a cache.the answer was Hashing.
  3. Asked what data structure would i use for maintaining cricket scores.
    the answer was priority queue.

Round 2 Algorithms —

  1. Given a binary tree find out if it is a BST
  2. Given a binary tree root and a node ,print all nodes at K distance from the node.
  3. Given an array it can be of 4 types
    • Ascending
    • Descending
    • Ascending Rotated
    • Descending Rotated

    find out which kind of array it is and return the maximum array.

Round 3 Design —

  • Asked me the word breaking problem which I couldn’t solve and this round didn’t go well.

Round 4 Managerial —

  1. Asked about my current company and work done over there.
  2. Asked me a problem to convert Integer to Roman while handling all the corner cases.
  3. Asked about process and Threads
  4. I asked about the team and kind of work to be done


I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks to provide such a huge variety of problems and a progressive way to approach any problem.

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Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2019
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