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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 316 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Dec, 2016

Round 1- 90-100 min

  • First Ques- So what you know about Amazon- I wasn’t prepared to start my interview with this ques. But I had read months earlier how Amazon was established and was able to satisfy him with answer.
  • 2 ques- Tell me about Summer Intern at wipro- It took around 20 min. Deep discussion on project, all in and out.
  • 3 Ques- How does the program gets compiled internally, I told him I have not studies this part as my branch is ECE.He then asked me what have you studied- I told him DS algo ,OS, Networks and convinced him that ECE is strongly related with CS in terms of Algorithm.
  • 4 ques- As i told him that I like competitive coding, He asked tell me 1 quess you have solved- I told him- Find the K-most frequent occurring word till now in a running stream of words by using Trie(modified) and Heap concept. He asked why I am using min heap and not Max heap and I gave the reason.
  • Everything about Min Heap-> Insertion deletion modification.
  • Given data How will you sort them. I told him quick sort , merge sort are possible ways.He asked which you will prefer I told him QuickSort .Why not Merge sort? I told him because of external memory use but then he asked that can’t we do it in-place , later on I was able to do inplace merge sort and he again asked which algo you will prefer I told still quicksort because it is more Cache Friendly and he was satisfied.
  • Given 100 gb data, you need to sort them how will you proceed. I told him external sorting and he straight away told me I don’t want merge sort. Then I tried to twist the situation by asking what type of data is available. He was in doubt why am I asking that, So I told him if all the data is in limited range then I can simply apply
    counting sort and he was impressed as well he forgot about the actual question. 😛
  • He was done with the interview and said do you have any ques. ME- What role will be playing in the team if selected.

In 2 min They told me that i was cleared for 2 round.

Round 2
I went for 2 round without wasting time as Spot On offers were to be given. Interviewer was slightly weired and he straight on went for the ques.
There is data available for different vehicles and all vehicles have n parameters which distinguish it with other vehicle so given huge data you need to separate them in different
lists based on some parameters matching. How will you proceed->Then he said 3 parameters are there and if all 3 parameters match then they belong to same list.
I told him lets sort the data according to first parameter then for then sort acc to 2 para and so on..(something like Radix sort).
He told me to use Hash-Map and model the whole idea….building the structure for each vehicle and then use key to do hash-mapping.
I implemented it but due to too much overwriting, He was not looking impressed but he told its correct.
DO u have any questions.
After this Round I was rejected.


  1. Please be prepared for Hash_MAP it is very important to have deep knowledge as  this part is rarely covered in.
  2. Try to write clean codes and by clean code I mean you shoud use good variable name, dont scribble much and try to write comments along with it.(I made a mistake here.)
  3. You should know all in and outs of the project and remember interview can ask any project.
  4. Puzzles don’t matter much…

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