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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 314 (For FTE)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021

Recently Amazon came to our college for both FTE and interns. Here I am sharing my interview experience. There was 1 online round and 3 F2F interviews and 1 Bar Raiser round.

Online round had 2 coding questions and 20 (MCQs based on sorting complexity, Recursion, quantitative aptitude , geometry etc).

F2F 1

He introduced himself and asked me about my project.
Then He asked me these questions
1. Find the maximum of all subarrays of size k.

I gave him a o(n*n) approach, then o(n*log(n)) approach using segment tree, then o(n*log(k)) using max heap and then o(n) approach using deque. He asked me to write the full production level code.

2. Find the first non-zero digit starting from right in n! Simply keep the last digit of every multiplication, gave an o(n) approach. He seemed to be satisfied.

F2F 2

He asked the following questions

1. He asked me to make a dictionary in which i had to search a string and if it is not present , i had to insert in dictionary. Gave a o(n*log(n)) approach using map. He asked to optimize it , then gave a trie approach. He asked me to write full code for it.

2. He asked me, what is LRU cache and how it is implemented. Then he asked me to write the full production level code for it.

F2F 3

This interview was a design round as well as theoretical round.

1. Firstly, he asked me about my favorite subjects. I told him operating system. Then he asked me about process scheduling algorithms and then he asked me how will you allocate memory to a newly formed file. I told him about first fit, best fit and worst fit. He asked me what are the advantages and disadvantages of these.

2. Then he asked me a design question. Let’s say you have a 13 floor building and it has 6 lifts in it, you have to design an algorithm such that if a user click the lift button, any of the available lift should reach to him in minimal time.

3. Then he asked to give the design for top k trends of twitter of facebook. I told him that i’ll keep a trie for storing the count of the number of users associated with a particular trend and will keep this count in max heap and will extract top k trends.

Solution for design varies from candidate to candidate. so you should design your own solution rather than searching solution on google.

F2F 4

This was a Bar raiser round and it was telephonic. He asked about my project and we had discussion on it in detail . After 40 minutes he asked me to write the full production level code on implementing LRU using circular linked list. It was easy and i had done that in second round also, so i wrote the whole code and he was satisfied.

verdict: selected 😛

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