Amazon Interview Experience | Set 313 (For SDE II)

1st Round(Written) – 60 mins
It was a test on HackerEarth with two programming questions

  1. The Maximum Subarray problem: Given an array A of N elements, find maximum possible sum of
    a. Contiguous Subarray
    b. Non Contiguous Subarray
  2. Connected Cell in grid problem. Find the number of cells in largest region.

2nd Round (DS and Algo) – 45 min

  1. Palindrome Partitioning– Spilt a string into minimum number of substring such that each substring is a pallindrome.
  2. Find the diameter of a binary tree

General discussion on current role.

3rd Round (DS and Algo) – 45 min

  1. find difference in height of two nodes in a binary tree.

4th Round

Detailed Discussion on current role and responsibilities.
Discussed complete architecture of my current project- in terms of classes and methods, databases and cache used and then discussed improvements that i could suggest in architecture of my project.

5th Round
Discussion on current role and responsibilities. Discussed on architecture of my previous projects and technologies i have worked on.
Design question- Design a enhanced search that can help customer executives to search for the query asked by user through all the possible sections like- payment, order etc.

6th Round

Design a job scheduler.

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