Amazon Interview Experience | Set 312 (For SDE II)

I was not able to recall phone interview question from Amazon for SDE – II . After few days from phone interview, I got an email invitation to fly for face to face interview. Below are the questions that I was asked during the in-person interview.

Round 1:
Write a program to check whether it is a valid binary tree or not.
Check all test cases (e.g. No left Node case).
Behaviour Questions

Round 2:
Behaviour Questions
Tell me your current job roles, responsibilities , Challenges and improvements that you can make on your current project

Round 3:
A lot of Behaviour Questions again
Introduction, your current roles and responsibilities

Round 4:
Various Types of Behaviour Questions
Design a kind of kindle fire application where we can subscribe news channel and read the news from all publishers as a digital format.

Round 5:
Behaviour Questions
Design an OOP concept for an application where employee can dispatch their incoming phone call according to their seniority level if they are not able to solve.

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