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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 308 (For SDE)
  • Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2019

I was recently interviewed for the position of SDE-1 at Amazon. It was a 3 round process:

Round 1:
On paper coding:

  1. Given a binary tree print it in vertical order. The problem is stated here: Print a Binary Tree in Vertical Order
  2. Given a linked list convert it into given format:

Round 2:
It was an in-person interview.I was asked only one question. He asked me about various approaches. With least space complexity, least time complexity, different data structure usage for the following problem:
Trapping Rain Water

Round 3:

  1. I was asked to implement a queue with any data structure, discuss its time complexity, why the particular DS was chosen etc.
  2. Second question was to find the number of islands given a graph, i.e. find number of disconnected graphs given a graph.

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