Amazon Interview Experience | Set 299

Online round (1 hour 30 min)
20 MCQs + 2 coding questions-
1) You have given two stings.You have to write function to check weather any anagram of second string is substring of first string or not.
2) You have given one mathematical expression containing +,-,*,/ in form of string which is space separated (” “). You have to write a function to solve this expression and return value of expression.
MCQ questions mostly based on data structures(trees, linklist ,arrays),2 questions from database and some questions from basic concepts (like give output of given program). 2 or 3 questions on aptitude.

Technical round 1 ( almost 50 mins ) F2F
1) Given two very large integers and calculate the sum of given integers without using BigInt library in java.
I did it by taking input number in form of string and traverse both string from right to left and added integer one by one from right to left.

2) Given two arrays and one product.You have to write function to print all pairs(p,q) such that p*q=product and p belong to first array and q belongs to another.

He ask me to do it in linear time.I did it using hashing.
Then He asked me some questions about my projects.

Technical round 2 (almost 60 to 70 mins) F2F
1) Given an array and one sum.You have to write method for checking weather any pair exist in array that sums equal to given sum or not.
He ask me to solve in linear time.I did it with hashing.
2) He gave me an stack and ask me to find minimum element in stack at any point of time in O(1) time.
I did it using another stack containing current minimum at top of stack. Then he asks me to reduce memory of program.
3) What are the advantages of quick sort over merge sort and advantages of array over link list.
4) He ask me to explain binary search and proof of its complexity(O(log n)).

According to me the key for selecting is don’t stop interacting with recruiter at any cost and be loyal with him/her.

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