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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 297 (On-Campus for SDE)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Jul, 2019

Amazon visited our campus on 12th August. There were 5 rounds namely –
1) Written round
2) – 5) All technical rounds with increasing difficulty levels

The written round consisted of 20 mcqs ( OS, DBMS, CPP , C , JAVA and Aptitude basic level ) and two Hacker Rank coding questions –
1) Overlapping subsets problem and
2) The longest path in a given binary tree

The technical rounds took 1 hour each.

In the first technical round I was asked to check whether a given tree is a complete binary tree or not and then to code both recursive and non-recursive version of it. It also included another question like to find whether a number is a power of 2 or not.

The 2nd technical round had questions like what is a symmetric number, how will you check if its a symmetric number. And then he asked me to find all the symmetric numbers of given n-digits. I wasn’t able to do the last part.

The 3rd technical round consisted of a string compression problem. Given a string like AAABBBCDEFGHIJKLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL – you have to compress it to a string like A3B3C1D1E1F1G1H1K1L15. The question was to be done in O(n) and inplace.

The 4th technical round consisted of the popular dynamic programming problem of cutting sticks of various length and merging them to form a bigger stick keeping in mind that you have to decrease the overall cost of merging.

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