Amazon Interview Experience | Set 294 (Experienced)

Round 1

  1. Pivoted array search,  modified that array can have duplicate values need to return first occurrence of element.
  2. Is pair of given values present in BST or not?

Round 2

  1. In FB when we enter person name to search then their are multiple name FB gives us as a suggestion. Design a DS for showing these name.(gives him trie DS solution)
  2. Behavioral Questions
    1. Things u learn in 3 years of experience which makes u different from fresher guy?
    2. Project description

Round 3

  1. LCA in binary tree. Both elements parent must not be equal to given elements.
  2. Check if pair is present in array or not. modified to return all unique pair in it.
  3. Integer stream is coming find largest K element.(K is fixed)
  4. Design a DS where below operation is performed in O(1) time.
    1. Insert
    2. Delete
    3. Search
    4. GetRandom

Round 4

  1. Lot of discussion on projects. HLD and LLD of project.
  2. There is file of million number you have to find out largest k element.
  3. Give all pair present in array. Duplicate can be present in it.

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