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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 292 (On-Campus for Internship)

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Amazon came to our campus for hiring interns.At first there was a coding round then 2 personal interviews
Coding round: There was 20 mcq questions based on DS , OS , IQ and output questions

And there were 2 coding questions

  1. Given a string print the lexographically smallest possible rotation of the string.
    (N square sol. Passed)
  2. Balanced parenthesis
    I did bith coding questions and attempted 17 mcq and got selected for next round
    Out of 500 ,47 were shortlisted

2nd round:(Personal interview)
First he asked me about myself then he gave me a question

  1. suppose there is a matrix filled with zeros and ones then find if there is a path between (0,0) to (n-1,m-1 )
    I explained my approach(trivial dfs) Then he asked me to write a code for printing all possible pathsI implemented it using backtracking
  2. Game of nim
  3. Number of all possible bst for keys 1 to n
  4. number of all possible labeled binary trees for given n nodes

24 students were shortlisted
3rd round:

  • Design a data structure for a server which can store atmost 100 records, 2 functions are used to access server get(k) ,put(k,v,x).
    Where k is key and v is corresponding value and x is the expiry time before which this record cant be removed
    Implement a data structure to implement these function optimally. I implemented using self balancing bst and an unordered hash map
  • Then he asked me to construct an avl tree for keys from 1 to n.

Cheers i got selected!!

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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