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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 282 (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2020

I have just entered my third year and Amazon was the first company to visit our campus for Software Internship. The process was :

2 Coding questions and 20 MCQs . The coding questions were:

  2. It was an easy string question similar to finding that the parenthesis are balanced or not . Instead of the parenthesis , a and b were to be checked for , For eg )
    ababab is balanced ;Its a good string
    abbbaa is a bad string .

I had practised MCQS from  and many of the MCQs I had seen here before that were asked in the test. Sorting, hashing, complexityrecursion based MCQs were asked.

Also, 2 questions on OS , 1 on Networking and 1 on DBMS was present. I did not attempt these since there was negative marking . I solved around 14-15 MCQs and both the coding questions . (However, some students completing 1 were also selected .)


2. Spiral level order traversal of a binary tree from bottom level to top level.( I was allowed to use extra space(O(n)) .)

This round was easier than the previous one for me and went smooth .

  1. Set the rows and columns of a matrix equal to zero if an element in that row or column is zero (The elements could be positive or negative too ). I told him the solution using O(n) space . He then asked me to do it without the auxiliary space and I told him that it was not possible . (A solution without space could be given if all the elements were either non-negative or non-positive )
  2. Merge k sorted linked lists . I discussed the approach using priority queue . Then he proposed another method of merging two lists into one and then merging it with the next . I explained him the complexities of both the approaches and then wrote the code for priority queue approach . He was impressed.

I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for providing a huge set of problems for practicing for interviews. The internship archives were extremely helpful . Also I practiced on and interviewbit regularly in the summer break.

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