Amazon Interview Experience | Set 280 (Off-Campus)

Hiring event in Delhi for Amazon Bangalore. First was written programming test and we needed to write full working code without a single bug. Guys please focus more on written, sometimes we don’t take this serious and write code with many bugs.

Written Round:
Write most optimized solution for all problem.
1. Check a linked list is palindrome or not.
2. Search an element in a row and column wise sorted matrix.
3. Number of bits we need to flip from A to get B.

Problems are easy and can be solved if you have practiced for sometime from geeksforgeeks but the major part was writing clean and bug free code with most optimized solutions.

F2F – 1

After clearing the written round I went for first F2F round.
1. There is one class which has private array list and this array list is initialized in constructor of this class.
We have one public method getItem(int i) { ” return ith item of array list” }, We need to know the size of array list. We can only call getItem method.
Please check the above code for more details.

2. Search an element in a BST.

3. Given a set of time intervals in any order, Print all the pair of overlapping intervals .

4. My college project was on RTOS (Real Time OS) and interviewer also did the same project when he was in college , so we had lot of discussion on project.

He was very impressed.


Here is F2F round 2 where I was not able to give optimized approach for the first problem.
1. Given a string and he asked me to find Longest Repeated Substring in the given string.

2. Given a mXn matrix with no obstacle and we can move in right or down direction. Count the no of paths to reach from top left cell to bottom right.
I gave recursive solution with 2^n complexity and then optimized the solution using memoization.

3. Create sorted list of all unique partitions of given number 5 = { {4, 1}, {3, 2}, {3, 1, 1} …. }

This round didn’t go well and I was praying L Finally HR came and said you haven’t performed well in this round so you will have another technical round and I was like “ok no problem”.

F2F – 3

Finally last round of the day and I knew I have to perform well otherwise I have no chance.

1. You are given a dictionary and a string. You need to check the string is valid (exist in given dictionary) or not, if its not valid then perform one of the three operation (Insert , remove , replace) on string and get a valid string. We need to find another string which has One edit distance with this string.
Interviewer asked me about the data structure used to implement the Dictionary. I suggested Trie for dictionary. After some discussion he asked me to write code for insert in Trie and for the above problem.Edit Distance

2. How to implement Trie. Space optimized version.
This was part of 1st problem and we had discussion on space of a trie when we have 500-600 characters in some language. I suggested HashMap instead of using static array in Trie. And then he asked me to write structure and Insert method.

3. Max sum tree . every node has its value plus maximum of left and right sub tree sum.
Expected time complexity O(N).
After this round HR told me to leave for the day and I will have one more technical and one Hiring manager round.
I was happy that I completed all the round.

4. Find maximum sum rectangle in given matrix.

F2F – 4 (Technical plus behavioural)

1. Find the maximum element in an array which is first increasing and then decreasing.
2. Project discussions.
3. Anything that you have done out of your responsibility.( In technical part )
4. Any situation when your manager really appreciated your work.

Telephonic Round with hiring manager.

This was my last round of the process and it was with hiring manager.
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Your day to day work at current company.
3. Discuss any project which.
4. Any disagreement movement with your manager.
5. Why Amazon? and why are you leaving current company?
Guys prepare hard for behavioural questions, these questions are asked to know the person.
Then 2 easy programming questions but again the measuring part was code and the way we explain our solution.
1. Check a string is palindrome or not.
2. Count no of words in a string.
He asked me to write test case for both the problem.

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