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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 260 (For SDE2)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 04 Jul, 2019
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Online Coding Round:
1. Parenthesis Checker
2. Maximum Rectangular Area in a Histogram

1st Round:
1. Add two numbers represented by linked lists I gave recursion solution code. Then asked for optimized one.

2nd Round:
1. Detail overview of current project. roles and responsibilities.
2. Implementation of Queue but with certain kind of constraints. Basically looking for knowledge of design patterns.

3rd Round:
1. Again went through resume and asked every point.
2. Max sum path in two arrays
List all possible test cases.
3. Design a dashboard system. both HLD and LLD.

4th Round:
1. Design a system to upload images and tag them, ability to search images with two or more tags particular tags.
2. Most challenging work

5th Round (Bar Raiser):
1. Most challenging work
2. Why Amazon?
3. Why leaving current company?
4. Evaluation of Postfix Expression
5. Design a online shipment tracking system.

Note: In all they asked for production ready code. Please take care of all edge case.

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