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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 241 (1.5 years experience)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2019
Geek Week

Round-1 (World Trade Centre, Bangalore) – Technical

1. Given an array that is first increasing then decreasing, find an element in it.
Example: arr[] = { 2,6,8,9,15,20,18,16,12,7,1}; x = 12, Find x.

2. Print left view of a binary tree.

3. Given an array that contains only 1, 2 and 3. Sort the array. He asked me to write code for two methods – counting method and Dutch National Flag algorithm.

4. There is a irregular, haphazard, shapeless cake that needs to be divided equally among n people. Say you are one among them. How do you achieve consensus?

Round -2 (Q-city, Hyderabad) – Bar raiser
1. About projects, your contribution, your roles and responsibility, challenges faced etc.

2. Why amazon?

3. Given a pattern containing only Is and Ds. I for increasing and D for decreasing. Devise an algorithm to print the MINIMUM number following that pattern. Digits from 1-9 and digits can’t repeat.

   1. Input: D        Output: 21
   2. Input: I        Output: 12
   3. Input: DD       Output: 321
   4. Input: II       Output: 123
   5. Input: DIDI     Output: 21435
   6. Input: IIDDD    Output: 126543
   7. Input: DDIDDIID Output: 321654798 

Round – 3 (Q-city, Hyderabad) – Technical
1. Given pre-order traversal of a BST. Construct the BST.
2. Given a m*n matrix. m and n can be huge. We need to query the matrix for sum of submatrices. Input will be the top-left and bottom-right co-ordinates. We need to return the sum of submatrix in O(1) time.
Solution: Do column wise sum of the matrix and store it. Again, do the row wise sum and store it.

Round – 4 (Q-city, Hyderabad) – Managerial
1. About projects, your contribution, your roles and responsibility, challenges faced etc.
2. Given m sorted arrays, merge it into one array.

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