Amazon Interview Experience | Set 234

location: Hyderabad QCity.
Hiring for : Chennai Kindle team.
Position : Software Development Engineer.

Time: 10 AM started with written test.

1. Boggle (Find all possible words in a board of characters)
2. Find deepest node

Time: 11 AM:
Followed by explanation about my approach in solving the written test questions.


After lunch 2 PM.

1. Add Two numbers present in two files and write it another file. numbers are too large not fit in integer bounds.
2. Design a DS for efficiently allocating/freeing Memory. Memory Management DS.
3. Design Hotel reservation system.


Time 4 PM.

Hiring Manager round

Behavioural Questions like 1. Big Mistake I have done 2) Learning 3) Why I am switching

1. Infix to post fix conversion ( I have not done earlier this question but tried )
Thought I am gone but later HR called me for next round . I think he liked/convinced my approach.


Senior Manager round

Time 5-30 PM.

1. 1 byte stream which contains single byte character and double byte character
single byte can by identified by checking MSB as 0. and double byte MSB as 1.

you are at end of a character. find the previous character ( is single byte or double byte)

solved the above problem by taking Manager help

HR told me that HR from Chennai will contact me.

I waited 2 days and sent mail to HR about the hiring status. He replied saying that “Working on updated. Will get back to you”.
1 week and 1 day over no idea about the hiring status.


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