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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 234 (For SDE-II)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2015

Round 1:
a) Twitter design considering following functionalities:
– Post tweet
– Get the top tweets from the followers
b) Parking Lot design

Round 2:
a) Common elements from n sorted arrays
b) Given list of dictionary words. Find minimum number of trials to reach from source word to destination word where word traversal is allowed through 1 letter difference.

Eg: List of words - {ABC, ACD, BBC, BCC, BCD, 
                    BDC, ABD, BDE, AGF}
            ABC -> BBC -> BCC (3 steps)
            ABC -> ABD -> ACD -> BCD -> BCC (5 steps) 

Round 3:
a) pow(a,n) function – recursive, iterative
b) Given list of cities, find the number of tour combinations (not permutations)
c) BookMyShow design

Round 4:
a) Questions on Projects
b) next hight number with same digits

Round 5:
a) Given stream of numbers, at any point of time, need to print first non-repeating digit
b) News paper & Magazine subscription design.

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