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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 223 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 01 Jul, 2019
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Firtst Round: 20 mcqs from quants, os, data structures. they were easy.

2 programming questions to be solved in hackkerrank.

First: some people are standing in a queue and only even people are selected. Again out of these only even people are selected.This happens until we are left with one.Find out the position of that person in the original queue.

second: We have to find the longest possible interval that can be formed by combining certain overlapping or constituent events from the given intervals.

people who solved one question were selected to the next round.

Second round:

1. find the area of largest possible rectangle from the given histogram.

2. print the boundary leaves of a binary tree.

some 20 odd people were selected.

Third Round: Technical Interview.The interviewer is my college pass out. He asked me about my projects very briefly. Then he asked two questions.

1. Given a number give the count of all possible words that can be formed out of it taking the digits continuously. time complexity O(n).

2. print the level order traversal of binary tree

Fourth Round: Technical interview. three questions were asked

1.find the maximum element in a sorted rotated array.O(logn)

2.print all the pairs of numbers that sum up to K in a given BST. O(n)

3. sort all the one’s and zero’s to opposite sides.O(n)

Fourth round: basic questions on os,dbms, networks.

Since I had some projects he asked me questions on cloud, and based on my answers the topic got drifted towards distributed computing, etc.

Next round was HR interview.

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