Amazon Interview Experience | Set 203 (On-Campus for SDE-1)

Hi everyone. Following is my experience of the recent Amazon recruit drive:

Aptitude Round: (1:30 hours)
20 MCQs
MCQs on outputs, maths, algorithms, DBMS, OS.
2 Coding questions: ( on hackerRank)

Tip: It is important that one should attempt both sections decently.


Round 1:

  • On a number line from negative infinite to positive infinite, if you start from 0, you can either jump back or front. but every jump length is 1 more than the previous jump. Given a number on the number line, can we reach it using any combination of jumps. If yes, print the minimum length path.
  • Boolean Matrix Problem
  • Row with max 1s

Round 2:

  • You have n slabs with two dimensions. Stack them to get max height. No rotation of dimensions required. First he started with 2 dimensions, then 3, 4 and then for n dimensions.
  • Given a binary tree, a target node in the binary tree, and an integer value k, delete all the nodes that are at distance k from the given target node. No parent pointers are available.

Round 3:

Round 4:

  • Implement the power function in log n complexity.
  • Intersection of two arrays
  • Given a stream of As and Bs, print 1 when no of As is odd and no of Bs is even. I just had to draw the DFA for it.
  • An SQL query.

Round 5: