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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 186 (For SDE1)

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2019
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Hi, Recently I was interviewed for the SDE-I for Amazon, Chennai.

Round 1(Online Round):
1. Given two linked lists. Add them.
e.g 1–>2–>3
Output: 1–>5–>7

2. Find if the binary tree has the given sum.

I cleared the online coding round and I was asked to come down for the face to face discussions.

Round 2(F2F):
1. Find if the given binary tree is height balanced.
Round 3(F2F):
1. Find if the given tree is the subtree of the big tree.
2. Given a sorted matrix (row-wise and column wise) , find kth smallest element.
3. Given an array. Pop min element in O(1) time.
4. Implement increment operator for the array.

Round 4(F2F):
1. Print the level-order traversal from bottom to up in a given binary tree.
2. What is process and thread?
3. What is copy constructor?
4. Design parking lot.

Round 5(F2F) (Hiring manager round):
1. Questions on achievements, challenges faced, area of improvement.,etc.
2. Given a file with millions of URLs. Some URLs repeating , some unique. Find the first unique URL.

Coding was required in each and every round. Think loud. Tell the interviewers what you think. Give them different approaches. Be confident about your solution.

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