Amazon Interview Experience | Set 181 (For SDE 1)

Recently I was interviewed by Amazon for SDE 1, here is my Experience. Hope this will help others:

Written Round :
there where 3 coding question , out of which 2 where DS related and 3 rd one was Problem solving
1. Count no of words in given string .
2. Find first non repeating character in a stream of characters
3. related to slot machine and its working

F2F 1.
1. firstly some non technical questions where there , such as
     tell me about yourself ,
     Why Amazon etc
2. followed by 2 coding questions
     1. Given a sorted dictionary of alien language , find order of characters.
     2. find minimum number of characters needed to be added to the end of a string to make it palindrome.

F2F 2.
was a senior guy ,
1.started with discussion on previous interview questions , as I had used DP in second question so a brief discussion on DP , tried to test me that does I really know the concept of DP.
2. asked few puzzles , One should be prepared for some out of box questions as they want to check the thought process . even they change puzzles and try to get different solutions. Think loud always.

F2F 3.
was also a senior guy,
1. Started with general induction and asked about till then my interview experience and related stuff.
2. Simple Matrix multiplication problem ,with only 2 double pointer are given , we need to check sizes of both matrix , multiplication feasibility and then do multiplication .
3. Design Question from DataBase point of view , asked about table structure for the problem and had a good discussion on it , concept such as normalisation was discussed .

Telephonic 4th
He was a very senior guy from different team ,
1. Started with general introduction followed by many Behavioural hr questions .
2. Followed by Design Question, a feature of Outlook
A Server receives meeting objects from multiple senders. Meeting object contains meeting time, sent time, recipient(s), sender id,etc. When recipient comes and checks the server, he/she should get requests based on meeting time and not based on sent time. Many discussions on space complexity and time complexity.?Eg:

12 PM From: A To: B,C,D meeting time: 4 PM meeting Id: 1

12.30 PM from: A To C,D meeting time : 2 PM meeting Id:2

1:PM From B To: C meeting time: 1.30PM meeting Id:3

When C requests the server, C should get ID3 as 1st, ID2 as 2nd and ID1 as 3rd meeting.

Small set of Suggestions :
1. Practice writing code using pen and paper .
2. Try to be interactive as they are very much interested in candidate’s thought process , think loud , be confident .
3. Firstly explain the logic and when interviewer is satisfied then start coding .
4. Have few questions prepared for the interviewer as it shows interest of candidate towards the company .Do proper home work about the company.

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