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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 177 (First Round in Pool Campus)

  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2019

Today Amazon Took a Pool campus drive, including our college and many other. In which the First round was Online in our campus itself, those selected students would go for further rounds in other campus.

The First Round Was very Standard, first we had to open its Hiring test portal, in which it had 20 MCQ and 2 coding questions, which we had to complete in 1:30 Hrs.

  • It had question from OS, DBMS, Algorithm, Infix, postfix
  • OS basically from scheduling, and process management in UNIX
  • DBMS questions some simple query in my SQL
  • questions asking Complexity of some give Algo. number of swaps in Bubble sort, best technique to sort partial sorted list etc
  • finding output of prefix expression, given Postfix finding prefix of BST etc
  • full form of LDAP, qustions including privileges of User, kernel in UNIX etc

1: given 3 Numbers in Linked list, we had to return the Linked List of representing sum of all three, covering all base and condition of addition.

  eg:   for addition of
           234+993+1 :
     input Linked Lists are: 4->3->2->NULL, 3->9->NULL, 1->NULL
     output linked list :  8->2->2->1->NULL 

2: Simple and same Vertical traversal of a BST as given in

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