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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 169 (For SDE 2)
  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 27 Jun, 2019

Recently I was interviewed for the position of SDE 2 I have 4 years of work experience .Following were the asked.

Note: For all of the question production level code was required.

Round 1:
1.Write a program to convert a integer to its form in a given language .
For example 112345 Could be one hundred twelve thousand three hundred forty five or One lac twelve thousand three hundred forty five.

2.Find the top k frequent items in a stream of numbers Space O(k)

Round 2:
It was basically a design round .
1.Design a Chess board so that two players can play.Each of the play can make any warrior move.Class Diagram and basic functions were asked to be written.

2.Design a key value pair storing system in a distributed system
Questions on types of caching in distributed systems , Sharding
How will you be handling scalability , failover and latency.

Round 3:
Given a 2 D array with m Entry points (which are on the edges) and n exit points which are on the edges give the total number of paths that are possible .Complete production level code was to be written

Round 4: Bar Raiser Round

1.given a large file with contents like
Re-arrange it such that every line has the index of all of its anagrams
Eg Output
1.CAT 1,3,4
2.DOG 2,5,6
3.TAC 1,3,4
4.ACT 1,3,4
5.GOD 2,5,6
6.ODG 2,5,6

2. Given inorder and postorder traversal of a tree give the preorder traversal without creating the tree.

Round 5 Hiring Manager Round

1. Nut and Bolts Problem
2.Given a million list of co-ordinates in the form of longitude and latitude just as Google maps .How will you print closest k cities to a given location .

After that a few behavioural questions
I was not able to come up with a good answer for second question.

I thank geeksforgeeks for creating this amazing platform.Great job guys.

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