Amazon Interview Experience | Set 160 (For SDE 2)

Amazon sde2 experience:

Telephonic round :

Design a site similar to Assume you are given a crawler, design a distributed system , what ds will you use , some basic api’s etc.


coding round 1:
1. zig zag traversal of binary tree O(n) algo
2. matrix question:
given matrix like :

a b e d
b c f e
a b d d

find the longest path of consecutive alphabets given a starting alphabet. You can move in all 8 directions. for eg. a->b(right)->c(down)->d(diagnal down)… len = 4 , find max such len

coding round 2:
1. is binary tree balanced : O(n) time algo
2. given a pre and post order kindof a traversal (2 arrays) create an n-ary treee out of it with struct of the form :

struct node {
   int data;
   struct node *child[MAX];
   int child_num;

did it using a hash table of linked lists and storing parents . Might be a btr way not sure.

design round + hiring mgr 3:

Design the most recently viewed item for amazon , say 15 most recently viewed item which are scrollable for millions of products and users . scalable and extensible model. give apis , distributed systems, caching , reduce latency : critical

design round 4:
1. Give Object oriented design for the snake game (that was in old nokia phones) . only class and obj diag was needed, no code/implementation. it should have extensibility to accomodate different types of fruits, (eg one gives + 5 len + 10 pts) it should be scalable to diff platforms

2. Give an architecture diagram with all entities and relationships of a multi user wysiwyg editor . basically a web interface to multiple authors who can edit and store their docs . multiple ppl should be able to save it at once . also ownership should be present for documents.

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