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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 152 (Kindle Team SDE-1 )

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 27 Jun, 2019
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Recently I have participated in Amazon SDE interview for Chennai location Kindle team. Kindle team has arrived Bangalore location to take drive.

I have given 8 rounds

Questions- Answers are as below

R-1) Written Test 1 :

Three codes were asked :

1) Find whether given LinkedList is Palindrome or not

2) Find Whether given Binary Tree is Binary Search Tree or not

3) Create Regular expression and String Matching program for ? and *, where. * means any null or character may appear instead *. and ? means one or more previous character may appear in string.
input :
Both are matching as per rules of ? and *.

After removing several candidates from process they conducted second round written.

R-2 ) Written Test 2 :

1) Stoke prices are given in array. Find for which duration I can buy and sell Shares to get maximum profit.
We need to first explain our method and then star writing code.
– After this round some 20 candidates left.

R-3) Face to Face Round 1 :

They discussed for all this 4 questions and why I choose to write this answer, some modification in question to see whether u can think more in deep , or several conditions changed, and they asked to redesign/rewrite answer.

R-4) Face to Face Round 2 :

Q1) Class diagram of one system ( don’t remember question)

Q2) Find Leader in Array ( Leader means an element which is higher than all number which are indexed higher than element )
Solution Traverse array from behind to find such elements (simple method)

Q3) K sorted Linked Lists are given sort them in one ( write sudeo code )
Then he told me to give logic to solve question without using auxiliary array ( result array )
I did with in-place method, searching and storing nodes in one linkedlist only.

R-5) Face to Face Round 3 :

Only One question was asked : Rotate Array “D”times.

Different strategies discueed, He was impressed with my another method to find new array location based upon array size N and D.

R-6) Face to Face Round 4 :

Questions were from different topics like

    -OS fundamentals
like fork, child process creation and output if I use fork().
What is deadlock, write sample C code to create deadlock.
What is mutex, etc.

     SQL Fundamentals.
Data Structure used in Query,
Sample Query like finding Manger’s name and Fundamentals of join

     -Other General Quesions
How Google Search engine works. Where Query goes their server, data storing etc
What happens when you click on website address.

     -Design GAME.
GAME is like two players are fighting and ( kind of street fighter ) and design class diagrams and methods for this GAME, I can think any functionalists(like health, power, help from friend, etc ) any extra thing apart from which he mentioned.

    – API is given, and this API servers different clients,
Now one client has requirement so that functionality changes, but other clients dont need such functionality, how will you design your system.

    – OOPS fundamentals were discussed like
Static, Class can be protected or not, overloading and overriding difference and implementation of them,

Software patters discussed like Factory and Abstract Factory

Singleton and how to implement it.

    Last Question was, If I want to store student data such that some students took Physics, some took Chemistry and some took both. I want to know all details of students, mark, name etc also. which way I’ll implement this system, which Data Structure will be used, and which design pattern.

After All this round I was told to go home and Hiring Manager Round will be taken onsite at Chennai, I was told.

for One month my rounds were not scheduled.

One fine day I got change to give Project Manager round over phone ( they said Senior Manager will take onsite round and then HR round will be there)

Round 7) Hiring Manager Round.

Over call he asked me first question

Q1) Array is given which is of 0 and 1, all connected 1 forms island.Find largest size island in given Array,
I have provided working code, He then asked me to optimize and again writing code.

Q2) Design LRU system. I have explained this
and also class diagram and pseudo working code was submitted.

Again for 20 days I didnt got call from HR and when I used to mail him, He simply replied that my candidature is on hold as Senior Manager is not free to take my next round.

And Today Again I got call that I am rejected. because Hiring Manager is not convinced from my approach in round,

I still don’t know what went wrong as both code given to HM were working.

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