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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 143 (Off-Campus for SDE-1)

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  • Last Updated : 26 Jun, 2019
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Experience: 5 months

F2F: 1st round
1. Tell me about your college project.
2. Write a Code to check if linked list is a palindrome without using extra space.
3. Write a Code to print zizzag traversal of tree.
F2F: 2nd round
1. Tell me about your college project.
2. Tell me about your current project.
3. Nodes of a binary tree are randomly inserted in to an array Write a Code to tell the index in array where root of tree is present.
4. Given an array whose size is <=10^8 and each element of an array is in the range 10^-18 to 10^+18 Write a Code to find the largest subset of consecutive integers.

F2F: 3rd round(Hiring manager)
1. Deep discussion about my current project i am working on.
2. Discussion on my college project and how its useful for company like Amazon.
3. write a code to insert an element in sorted circular linked list.
4. write a code to find the nth Fibonacci number.
5. Design an linux file system.
6. Puzzle:Given 9 coins out of which 8 are of same weight except one and you are given
a Beam have to find that one coin in minimum no. of comparasions.

F2F: 4th round (senior Technical manager)
1. Deep Discussion on my current Project.he asked every minute detail of my project.
2. given an sorted array of integers and an element x write a code to find the number of occurrences of x in array if not present return -1.
3. write a code to find the median in a running stream of integers.
4. Some behavioral questions like: why do you want to leave your previous company so early?
Tell me some incidents when you haven’t meet the deadline and what do you have learn from that? etc

I would like to thanks GeeksforGeeks for providing us such a useful platform for interview Preparation.

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